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Oct 11 2012

New Downtown Library

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I hope everyone will get out to vote in the November 6th election.  There are some very important ballot issue that we all deserve a say in.  If you don’t vote – don’t complain if the outcome is not what you wish.  One of the items on my “wish list” is the approval of the funding for a new downtown library.  I have a vision of the entire available block between Division, 5th St., Liberty and Williams as a central “gathering place” for daily and weekly events such as concerts, speakers, games and festivals such as the Festival of Fools and the Greek Festival in the summer and outdoor skating, meetings and such in the winter.  The Library off Library Lane will be the Crown Jewel and play a big part in the activity.

What is more democratic than a library and a park?  A place where people can research job opportunities, prepare a resume, find a new book to read, research a paper, act as a place for public dissent and conversation and a whole host of other valuable activities for our residents and especially our children and grandchildren.

As I understand it, the cost will be less than $70 per $100,000 of taxable value per year so the owner of $250,000 house will only pay slight over $200 per year, less than $20 a month for what will become one of the defining features of Ann Arbor for generations to come.

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Aug 02 2010

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow on Aug 2nd.

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If tomorrow is like previous election years we will have a hard time getting 30% of the registered voters to get out and vote.   If I had my way it would cost each voter $50 if they missed an election.  There is no excuse for not voting.

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