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Nov 27 2009


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I listened carefully to NPR Commentator, award winning journalist and educator–Jack Lessenberry’s speech to my Rotary Club on Wednesday.   With witty and sometimes snarky language,  Mr. Lessenbery lamented the demise of the print editions in the Newspaper Industry and the lack of substance for the online “free” versions of our local papers.  One of his main theories is that politicians everywhere are the only people celebrating this trend.  Jack stated that the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech, is the main guardian of  good government.  I could not agree more.   Government is only as good as what we as citizens are willing to accept.  Without the press shining their cleansing light in every nook and cranny of the governmental process it is impossible for the ordinary citizen to keep up with every day workings of our government.  A strong newspaper is a fundamental requisite for an ethical government.

As I sat through the speech I became more and more convinced that the Ann Arbor Chronicle must succeed.  It needs our monetary support and courteous involvement in the dialogue.   The unbiased reporting of the governmental meetings that Mary Morgan and her husband Dave provide the transparency that we must demand of our elected officials.  As an unbiased historical record of each of these meetings they attend is made available to us it  gives us all an opportunity to lend our voices and opinions to the processes that may ultimately affect our lives more than State and National issue.   Read the Ann Arbor Chronicle, subscribe and then let your voice be heard or forever hold your tongue!

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